“June 28th, 1914, Europe. While the world is shaken from Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s death, a small town in Brige decides to use the opportunity to change the current powers governing over the town. Within two days Major of Brige, Marriott Brand, is overthrown and in his place six leaders rush for the control of Brige. Things escalate quickly and before they know it, six campaigns, one per party, are launched against one another.”


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About The Game

Brige is a political strategy board game in which a player plays as one of the six political parties in Brige. His goal is to overcome his opponents and become the next Major of Brige.

Brige is set in the period of WWI, when laws are no longer enforced and chaos spreads through Europe. There is no right or wrong, and everything is possible. The same happens in Brige. In order to win a player must become the next Major. The way he succeeds in achieving this goal is up to the player to choose. He may play according to the rules of campaigning, in which he will wander through the streets of Brige and try to convince Brige’s citizens to join his party, OR, he will hire Agents and assasins to do his dirty work and get rid of his opponents. The game can be won either way, and its the player’s decision to choose how will he win the game.

Brige Components

Personal board

Brige is a large game when it comes to components. It has more than two hundred pieces and icons that make up the majority of the game: Figures, “Brig Bucks”, Alliance Icons, Headquarter Icons, Action Cards, Event Cards and Occupied Cards. All these are used along the game, and allow the player to physically see his game status.

Alliance Icons Brigs Headquarter Icons

In addition to the main board map, a Personal Board is given for every player. This board is the base of every player’s game, and is built with graphs and indices that allow an easy visual summarize of the game.


In order to start a game, every player chooses which party he will play. He will then take the Personal Board that matches his party, and set his pieces and “Party Stand”. Party Stand is the general name used for the information and status described through the graphs and indices. It has a major role on the player’s game and may be one of the most important factos in Brige.

After all players have arranged their Party Status, Figures and Headquarters are placed on the board. This marks where in Brige the party base is located. From here Party Funding, Hire, Fire and Open Account actions can be done.

Once this phase is also finished, the game can begin. Before every round begins, players decide which actions they wish to perform the coming round. By covering the action printed on the Personal Board, a player marks which action he has chosen to perform. When the next round begins, according to the order of play, players perform their actions. Using the “Move” action, units move along the board and encounter one another. The “Hire” action allows recruitment of skilled citizens into Agents, while the “Fire” action removes them form their positions. “Open Bank Account” allows a player to become richer in ‘Brigs’ ( Brige’s currency ) by having a larger bank deposit, and “Party Funding” raises funds for the party. All these are done on a player’s turn in a single round, yet not all can be performed. Some require a certain amount of ‘Brigs’ to be performed, others require a specific Party Stand, and so on.


As the board map occupies more units, and players encounter interesting citizens, the game develops and becomes a playground of politics and diplomacy, but that isn’t all. In addition to the regular cards, every second round a special Event Card is drawn, giving the players a glimpse of the war around them. These cards affect the player according to the side he has chosen at the beginning of the game; Axis or Central Powers.

The game will reach its end when the seventh special Event Card is drawn, or, if only one party is left in the game.


Brige Overview


Playing Time: 45 min – 90 min Players: 2 – 6 Ages: 13+