About Me

I don’t what about you, but board game nights with my friends was a must back in my school days. Every Friday, at around 6 pm we would meet in one of our houses for a game night. We would select a table as our victim, and stay up for as long as our eyes allowed us. Sometimes we would finish one game around 4 am in the morning! That was when “Game of Thrones The Board Game” was chosen to play. If you’ve ever played it before, and pizza and snacks were included, then you’d know there is nothing better than playing until sunrise with your best friends.

Years past by and age interfered with our lives. Some of my friends began working and others became tired of playing table-top games. Our game nights slowly began to die, and we began seeing each other less often. No matter how stubborn I was or how hard I tried to make our weekly nights come back to life, my companions seemed to be more interested in other topics. For me, I felt a crisis was at hand.

The first script

Eight months later, on a clear blue sky, I find myself sitting before a sheet of paper and rolling my mechanic pencil back and forth. I don’t know what got into me, but at that day I decided to build my own board game. The feeling of losing what I loved most made me think how can I prevent this to happen for others. Making a board game that was meant to be played forever will only lead to self boredom. But making a game that was too simple and short would quickly lose the attention of the players. I had to find the perfect balance between challenging, and friendly.

In less than three months the answer was created, called “Brige: The Board Game”. It was a game inspired by an idea of one of my friends- involving politics throughout a game. Brige was a game where the player played as a political party leader in a town called Brige, and his goal was to become the next “Major of Brige”. The idea and goal of the game was short and simple, and layers of additional content made it rich and challenging. In order for a player to win he had to convince Brige’s citizens to join his party, but he had to answer their conditions first. Hiring Agents and assassins was another way to win the game by eliminating other party leaders. This was perhaps what me and my friends needed. Something new and without too many red lines. There wasn’t one way to win, and players had to commit decisions every single moment. The best part of Brige was that every decision affected the game, and so players had to be careful when choosing what path to take.

Even though I worked by myself, I feel the game is quite balanced. But I can’t be sure. That is why I need you. In the next coming weeks Brige will be open for test play, and anyone who wants to comment and review the game is most welcomed to do so. Simply go to the “News & Updates” Page and read the “How To Get Brige” post. If you want to skip the reading, go Here. Fill the email form, and I will contact you directly.