How To Get Brige

How To Get Brige?

After three months of developing “Brige: The Board Game”, the first demo-version of the game is out! Available in PnP using PDF form, anyone who is interested in being the very FIRST Test-Player can print a copy of Brige’s contents and review the game. This includes Brige’s map, figures, icons and cards, with an additional file of the rule book.

What do I need to do?

Firstly, in order to receive the game’s files, go to ‘Brige: The Board Game’ page and look for the “Email Signup” tab located at the left side of the screen. Click the tab, and an Email form will appear. By filling the email form Brige’s Editor will be able to contact interested play-testers.

After filling the Email form you will receive an Email from Brige’s Editor containing Brige’s files, with step-by-step instructions for printing the game. Later on you will receive an email with questions regarding the game play and your review.
We hope to hear from you!


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