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Brige: The Board Game

Brige is a political strategy board game that takes place in WWI. It requires diplomatic and strategic skills, with the ability to control a political party during the period of The Great War. In this game the player plays as a party leader of one of the six political parties in Brige, and his goal is to become the next Major of Brige. The large variety of possibilities the game offers allows players to win the game through different methods. A player may win by having the most followers in the end of the war, or, by eliminating other party leaders. 

At the moment, Brige is in the play testing stage, and is currently reviewed and played by several individuals. If you want to read more about Brige, go to the Brige page. Hit subscribe and follow for weekly updates. If you want to become a test player yourself, go to the Get Brige page and fill your email. You will receive Brige’s files and become one of the test players of Brige.  

About Myself

My name is Tomer Helzer and I’m the creator of “Brige: The Board Game”. I began working with board game design shortly after my graduation last year ( 2018 ), and have become fascinated in graphic and concept design. Over the past few months I’ve engaged a world which I know little of   ( I have never worked with advertisement & marketing, nor advanced graphic designing tools ), but there’s always room for trying new things in life. For me it was building my first board game. 

My Goal

One of the main reasons I began building a board game ( I have designed a few in the past ) was so our ‘dying’ board game nights will continue. For three years me and my friends met every Friday night for a game. When the fourth year began, most of them were tired and bored from playing bored games, and our weekly meetings came to an end. So if there were to be a goal to my work, it would be creating a game that people wouldn’t grow tired of, and establishing a line of products with unique and original ideas.